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Reasons for your English anxiety.

By Lindri | March 9, 2023

Hi there and welcome to our Roll your English BLOG! Today we will talk about ANXIETY… ENGLISH anxiety… Do you feel anxious or are you too shy/ ashamed (tener verguenza)…

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Common Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make

By Lindri | March 2, 2023

Hello there!  At Roll your English Online Academy we have a collective experience of teaching English for over 3 decades.💥For over 30 years. We have interacted with and taught a large number of Spanish…

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EXPAND your English Vocabulary like this!

By Lindri | February 21, 2023

Hello there! 👉🏻Do you know that one way to expand your English vocabulary is learning to recognize the word patterns seen in many English-Spanish cognates.It is said that 29% of English…

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Is your English BALANCED?

By Lindri | February 9, 2023

Many of our students start at Roll your English with UNBALANCED English. Most of them mostly write or read in English – BUT very few speak or have ALL the skills needed to be a fluent…

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Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA)? Your English fluency problem.

By Lindri | July 25, 2022

“Foreign Language Anxiety is the tension, fear, and apprehension associated with such foreign language contexts as speaking, listening and learning.” It is a severe problem for many English language students…

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10 steps to become proficient in English

By Lindri | September 16, 2021

Hello there! My name is Ansia, one of the teachers at Roll your English Online Academy! I have been teaching English for years now and wanted to also LEARN another…

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7 English Learning Challenges & How The Conversation Program Helps You

By Lindri | May 12, 2021

Hello there beautiful people!   In our experience, many people start out learning English with much enthusiasm and energy… but after a while… they feel discouraged and demotivated and forget…

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English adjectives ending in -ed and -ing: When to use what?

By Lindri | April 20, 2021

Good day,  Here is another weekly Roll your English VLOG! REMEMBER: This VLOG is intended to help learners like you learn real, relevant and meaningful English through our short but very helpful…

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#10: 5 Common Translation Mistakes

By Lindri | March 10, 2021

Happy MARCH!!! Spring is around the corner…well for us in The Northern Hemisphere😉  In this week’s VLOG,we look at 5 Common Translation Mistakes and WHAT THEY REALLY ARE IN ENGLISH!   How do you…

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#9: Popular verbs that need the preposition TO!

By Lindri | March 10, 2021

In this week’s VLOG, aimed at helping English learners like you, learn real, relevant and meaningful English;  we look at an EXTREMELY helpful tip – Popular verbs that need the preposition TO! 🤓 Prepositions…

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#8: Spanish-English Pattern Similarities (Part2)

By Lindri | March 9, 2021

In this week’s VLOG, we look at more helpful tips to broaden your English vocabulary! 🤓 The second part of the Spanish-English Patterns of Similarity. Just remember that there are always…

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#7: Spanish-English Pattern Similarities

By Lindri | March 9, 2021

Hello there, In this week’s VLOG, we look at extremely helpful tips to broaden your English vocabulary! 🤓 And that is with Spanish-English Patterns of Similarity. Remember the purpose of this…

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