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This week’s short and sweet VLOG is all about how to use the word TOO (demasiad@) correctly.  It is another common mistake that we hear every day! 

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How do we use TOO: 

  1. Too is used to show excess in a NEGATIVE/CONCERNING way:

    Correct: The chocolate is TOO sweet. The girl is TOO skinny/thin.

    Incorrect: The movie is too funny / The pizza is too delicious  
    SAY: The movie is SO/ REALLY/VERY funny (or the movie is hilarious

  2. Too is ALSO used to express ALSO (tambien):
    “I like chocolate!” “Me too!”
  3. With countable and uncountable nouns:
    There are TOO MANY people (too many = demasiadas)
    There is TOO MUCH milk in my coffee (too much = demasiad@) 

I hope this explanation is not TOO short and it makes sense! 

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