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Here is another weekly Roll your English VLOG! REMEMBER: This VLOG is intended to help learners like you learn real, relevant and meaningful English through our short but very helpful YouTube videos filled with English tips. These English tips will help you improve your English speaking skills. 

This week we will look at ADJECTIVES!
Is it I am bored oI am boring?
English Adjectives that end in -ed (bored, entertained, interested) and adjectives that end in -ing (boring, entertaining, interesting) are often confused. When must you use what? 


  • -ed adjectives CAN be (BUT NOT ALWAYS) equivalent to the Spanish adjectives that end in ad@: It is used to DESCRIBES EMOTION – they tell us how people feel.
  • -ing adjectives adjectives generally describe the thing that CAUSES EMOTION. These adjectives CAN be (BUT NOT ALWAYS) equivalent to the Spanish adjectives that end in -ante, -iente and -ente: 
“The girl is INTERESTED (interesada) in the book. The book seems to be INTERESTING (interesante).” 


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