Many of our students start at Roll your English with UNBALANCED English.

Most of them mostly write or read in English – BUT very few speak or have ALL the skills needed to be a fluent English user.

    📌What does it mean for your English to be BALANCED?

Learning a language has many different aspects:

Your English is unbalanced if you are strong in some areas but weak in others.

-Some students read a lot – yet can’t understand much when they listen.
-Some students have a large English vocabulary… but can’t use it to speak. 
-Some students are great at English grammar, and can write well… but have very bad pronunciation, and it’s difficult to understand them. 

This is what it means for your English to be unbalanced…and it can be extremely frustrating, right?
Find your English BALANCE!
In order to be fluent and CONFIDENT in English, you need to be good at ALL the aspects…

How can you balance these areas and improve them all?

We like to break up these different aspects into an English routine! 

Monday – Reading something you enjoy! A GOOD book/magazine/ article.
Tuesday – Writing, in an English journal/email or whatever else you can think of.
Wednesday – Listening – watch your favourite series/movie/YouTube  and IDENTIFY grammar structures 😉
Thursday – Speaking – language exchange or one of our DYNAMIC classes
Friday – Listening – watch your favourite series and IDENTIFY new vocabulary / slang/ phrases. Saturday – Relax
Sunday – Relax.

Following an English, (weekly) routine like this will DEFINITELY HELP YOU SEE progress in all areas!  Your English level will improve in a BALANCED way 😃 

If you feel that you need support, coaching, and encouragement in establishing and implementing an English ROUTINE – book your FREE  DISCOVER your ENGLISH  session with us TODAY! 

Here we will:  
-Send you a questionnaire 
-Discover your English needs and challenges 
-Practice your English! 
-Inform you of the way forward. 
We will help YOU improve your English skills, strategically.

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Looking forward to chatting with you! 
Lindri and The Roll your English Team.

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Have a fantastic week!   
…and START( or KEEP) Rolling your English! 😊

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