Have you been studying English for years BUT still can’t hold a fluent and flowing conversation? Are you frustrated with your English level? Would you like to understand your favourite English songs, series or movies better? Do you want that work promotion but need to improve your English to get it? Do you want to be a confident English speaker? 

If this is you, you should DEFINITELY join our fun and effective, The Conversation Program!


Because you’ll have:
✓Your own English teacher/coach🤓
✓Material you enjoy🎉
✓Valuable monthly feedback🕵️
✓A monthly strategy🛣️
✓FUN Conversation! 👥

You will grow in CONFIDENCE, grammar and vocabulary – all from the comfort of your own home. Our classes are 100% online with all materials included!


We have 365 chances a year to improve that which we want to! So take these chances THIS year with Roll your English and The Conversation Program! 

We’re waiting for YOU!

Warm 2021 Regards, 
Lindri and The Roll your English Team. 

Conversation Program


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