The Conversation Program

Reaching English fluency, one conversation at a time.

Have you been studying English for years, BUT still can't hold a flowing conversation?

Then The Conversation Program is for you!

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Our free consultation includes: Completing a questionnaire + discussing your goals and challenges + receiving a consultation report.

    Have you been studying English for years, BUT still can't hold a flowing conversation?

    Then The Conversation Program is for you!

    Many people start learning English with much enthusiasm and energy…BUT after some time they feel discouraged and demotivated and forget about the initial excitement of learning English. We have seen this pattern for many years and have therefore formulated a program that can help you overcome these challenges and continually improve your English. It is designed for English learners:

    • Who have studied English before but still can’t speak English fluently or who want to maintain their English fluency.
    • English learners with a minimum level of A2  (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or an equivalent level.
    • Who need structure, support and strategy in their English learning process.
    • Who want individual classes with our friendly and experienced teachers who will help you speak English naturally and strategically.
    •  Who want dynamic and fun ONLINE English classes.

    The Conversation Program Outline

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    If this program sounds like the right fit for you, scroll through our program outline for the finer details. Or, click the button below to download the full pdf.

      Learn English easily with THE CONVERSATION PROGRAM!

      Speak about topics that interest you and that make you WANT to talk!

      Our approach is 100% Conversational.

      You will learn and practice slang, idioms, common expressions, correct pronunciation and intonation.

      All our lessons are 1 on 1 and  ONLINE, with dynamic native speakers, as many times as you want per week.

      You will continually improve your English one relevant conversation at a time, with ongoing support & feedback you can trust!

      We Guarantee You:

      Valuable Correction

      • Corrections with minimum interruption.
      • Now and then the teacher will pause the conversation and point out areas you can improve in.

      A Lot Of Speaking

      • We will make sure that you do most of the speaking during the lesson.
      • The teacher will ask a lot of questions and lead the conversation in a way that will make you WANT to speak.

      Real and Relevant Conversation

      • Our lessons will be about conversation topics that YOU enjoy.
      • The topics can be from art, business, politics, to global warming, cooking… and many more!

      Ongoing Support

      • With our monthly feedback sessions and continual evaluation reports you will always be able to see where you are improving and what you need to focus on.

      Magnífica alternativa online para aprender, reforzar o mejorar el inglés.
      Las clases son personalizadas y están adaptadas a las necesidades y el nivel de los alumnos gracias al estudio previo que realizan de manera individual y al
      feedback mensual para evaluar el avance y grado de satisfacción. Profesores nativos y profesionales de la enseñanza. Además de encantadores. Muy recomendable.

      Mayte García-Izquierdo Bardo

      Inglés sencillo de entender. Método pedagógico extraordinario para mejorar rápidamente resultados y el nivel.

      Pedro Morchon

      La única profe con la que estoy aprendiendo inglés después de 45 años. Gracias, Teacher!

      Ruben Fernandez

      Totalmente recomendable.

      Lindri es una profesora buenísima, sus clases tienen un enfoque personalizado y sus métodos son realmente eficaces. Siempre busca innovar y propone nuevos retos, motivándote a practicar y a llevar el inglés a tu vida diaria. Hace un seguimiento continuo de tus puntos fuertes y puntos a mejorar, ayudándote a superar tus barreras y a lograr tus objetivos.

      Además, es una persona maravillosa, las clases con ella son súper entretenidas y se pasan volando.

      Carla Costa Suárez

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