10 steps to become proficient in English

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My name is Ansia, one of the teachers at Roll your English Online Academy!

I have been teaching English for years now and wanted to also LEARN another language. Last year, I decided to take German classes…for many years I would dabble on applications and watch series but never took it seriously until I signed up for A1 classes. It has been a long and difficult journey.
To make things even more challenging, I decided to start learning Spanish to better communicate with my students here at Roll your English Online Academy . I knew that if I understand the Spanish language, it would help me to better understand our students struggles and difficulties, so I could help them more.

I never ever thought I would be learning TWO foreign languages at the same time…!

I often get asked or hear English students say “How do you learn two languages?“I wish I could do that…” and the last one which I relate* to the most is “I have tried for years but I have not achieved fluency”.

So – here is a ten-step guide to help you achieve English fluency:

#1: Set a goal for yourself
Be specific to your contexts and interests. For example, I would like to be able to have an English conversation with a friend about their summer holiday or I would like to reach my A1 English levels by the end of the year or semester. Whatever your goal is, it is important to write it down and check your progression.  One important thing to remember is to give yourself attainable* goals, this way you can adjust them as you progress.

 #2:  Practice your pronunciation
This can be a fun way to learn a language. The best way to do this is by watching English series – IN ENGLISH. Listening to English music and podcasts. The internet is a magical place with many resources. If you did not know this by now, you can also set your Netflix (and mobile) to English and use subtitles to help you.  Good pronunciation is essential* to being able to speak and understand English well. The more you practice the better you will become.

#3:  Vocabulary
 As a newcomer to English, you do not need to know or use complicated words. It is important to start small. Learn the basics, like how to introduce yourself, the days of the week, the months, numbers, colors, greetings, and some basic conversation starters. Once you have become comfortable with the basics then you can add more complexities* to your English speaking and writing. The secret to new words is by looking them up and using them every day,

# 4: Read
While this may seem daunting* it can become part of a daily routine. Once you understand the basics this can help you to expand on your vocabulary and with articulating* your language. When you understand how sentences are structured, English will become clearer to you in comparison with your native language.

# 5: Write
Writing English can be done every day, a simple sentence or even writing your grocery list in English can help you build your vocabulary and help you become familiar with the spelling. Play around with one word and write a few sentences using that word…or even better, keep a little English journal! You can make it fun and even add pictures, colours, and even your favorite quotes*.

# 6: Communicate with yourself
This is a great tool if you do not have a language buddy or if you only see your English teacher once a week. Talking to yourself in English can be very helpful, you can explain something to yourself or even film yourself talking about something. If you lack the vocabulary, you can always look it up and repeat it to yourself. This is a great way to stay consistent.

#7: Be consistent
We all have very busy lives and making time to study English can just seem exhausting. The key to this is using your time well. Listen to a podcast while you eat breakfast or while you are on your way to work. If you don’t have time to read or write listen to music or watch series. It is important to do something every day in English …even if it is only for a short time.

#8:  Flashcards
Flashcards can be very helpful when it comes to basic and most used words or when you must write down different tenses. It is also a lovely resource to stick on your wall or your mirror. If you do not like using pen and paper, you can find many apps online that can provide you with an online version. This method is also great for words that are relevant to you in your daily life.

# 9: Become a detective
Pretend like you are trying to solve a mystery. Try and dig deep English by learning interesting facts and grammar. Look at English texts and music lyrics and try to figure out how the sentences are structured. Learn about English culture and origins*. This will help you become more motivated.

# 10: Be patient with yourself
You may have not reached your goals YET, but you would have improved and learned a few things along the way. Remember consistency* is key…AND you are never too old to become proficient in English, if you have the motivation, you CAN achieve English fluency! 😊

New vocabulary:

Relate: Show or make the connection between things.

Attainable: to be able to achieve.

Essential: Necessary or important.

Complexities: Something being intricate or complicated.

Daunting: seeming difficult to deal with.

Articulating: Putting words or ideas into action.

Quotes: Repeating or copy out words or text from another person.

Origins: Where something started or comes from.

Consistency: Achieving a level of performance that shows commitment and good quality.

Have a fantastic week!   
…and START( or KEEP) Rolling your English! 😊

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Happy English Learners

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