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 At Roll your English Online Academy we have a collective experience of teaching English for over 3 decades.
💥For over 30 years.

We have interacted with and taught a large number of Spanish speakers and analyzed their communication in English.

📌Based on our observations, some of the most common English mistakes that Spaniards make include the following: 
Common English Mistakes
  1. Pronunciation: Spanish speakers tend to struggle with English pronunciation, particularly with sounds that do not exist in Spanish, such as “th” and “v” and the difference in pronouncing “r”. They may also struggle with differentiating between short and long vowel sounds. 

  2. Articles: Having trouble with the correct use of articles in English, as the use of “a”, “an” and “the” can be very different from the use of “el”, “la” and “los” in Spanish.

  3. Prepositions: Prepositions can be a challenge as English uses different prepositions than Spanish for certain expressions. For example, “in” and “on” have different uses depending on the context.(Watch video for more explanation here) 

  4. Word order: In English, the order of words in a sentence is important to convey the correct meaning. The word order in Spanish can be more flexible.

  5. Verb tense: English has a complex system of verb tenses,  particularly the past tense. (Watch video for more explanation here)  

  6. False friends: There are many words in English that look or sound similar to words in Spanish, but have different meanings. Using “false friends” incorrectly leads to confusion or misunderstandings.

  7. Confusing homophones: English has many words that are pronounced the same but have different spellings and meanings. Homophones such as “there”, “their”, and “they’re” can be tricky (complicado).

  8. Singular and plural nouns: Using singular and plural nouns in English causes a lot of confusion, as the rules can be different from those in Spanish. La noticia / Las noticias is always THE NEWS is English.  (Watch video for more explanation here)  


🤓It is important to note that these are general mistakes. Some English learners do not necessarily find these difficult, and then there are many English proficiency speakers who still make these mistakes. 

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