Hello there beautiful people!  

In our experience, many people start out learning English with much enthusiasm and energy… but after a while… they feel discouraged and demotivated and forget about the initial excitement of learning English. We have seen this pattern for many years and have therefore formulated a program, The Conversation Program (TCP), that can help you overcome these challenges and continually improve your English.

Common English Learning Challenges:

1. Not setting goals

Many English language learners in need to learn English to receive a certification that justifies their English-speaking abilities. Yet, others simply want to learn English because they like English movies, series, books and music; or they want to travel/live in an English-speaking country. For people like this – they need specific goals to give them direction and clarity.

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

With our consultation session at the beginning of the program, we establish exactly what you need to work on and how. You will know what your weaknesses are and what your goals are for the next month.

2. Not evaluating your progress

“Seeing progress is what motivates us.”

If you haven’t set clear goals, you can’t possibly evaluate your progress accurately. HOW? You need something concrete to see if you have progressed in a particular area. Evaluation is also about seeing what went wrong – how you can do something better next time for even better language learning results. 

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

Reflecting on your learning process is a very important element of learning a language effectively. With the TCP we have an end of the month feedback session where you will clearly see how you progressed throughout the month, what you need to focus on and what you will be doing the following month.

3. Learning IRRELEVANT vocabulary

Many language learners start learning vocabulary relating to animals, clothes, family, etc. Then, they move on to other, more advanced topics.  Now you have advanced vocabulary relating to science but you are not able to have a conversation about what you were doing last week or how you feel about a specific topic… what are you learning?

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

TCP is all about making English RELEVANT, MEANINGFUL AND FUN! The vocabulary you learn and the conversation topics you talk about it WHAT YOU ENJOY!! You therefore determine your vocabulary and what you want to learn.

4. Not SPEAKING enough

Watching a lot of series, learning a lot of vocabulary or reading will indeed help you progress BUT you need to combine this with OUTPUT. YOU NEED TO SPEAK! 

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

We follow the 80/20 rule. You do 80 of the talking. We use methods and strategies to guide and lead you to SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK. The whole class is about YOU SPEAKING English. 

What we offer you!

5. Too much grammar

“Grammar is learnt from language, not language from grammar.”

Focusing too much on memorizing grammar rules means that you may neglect developing your communication skills, enriching your vocabulary, or improving your listening skills. It may also DISCOURAGE you…learning a language means becoming a child again. LISTENING and REPEATING. THEN, when you are ready – paying attention to the grammar rules.

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

We evaluate your level and need for particular grammar and we then help you learn grammar in YOUR context. Giving you clear methods and strategies along the way. Everything is done orally and brought into your context so you can emotionally relate to the language.

6. Using the same material

You brain needs new stimulus to be able to stay intrigued and therefore learn! Always learning from the same book or platform will demotivate you and so decrease your learning curve.

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

Every month you will be provided with a strategy that includes different ways we will work on your weaknesses. These strategies all include different methods and platforms – from music to pronunciation exercises!

7. Stressed about making mistakes
“Mistakes are your most valuable teachers!”

When you stressed, you are less likely to speak when you have the opportunity to do so and so stop yourself from progressing. If you put a lot of pressure on yourself to always speak perfectly… what happens? It steals your energy and discourages you in your English language learning.

How The Conversation Program’s helps you with this:

With our team of dynamic but friendly teachers you will feel safe and comfortable to speak and therefore lose your fear of making mistakes. We will be your biggest support and allow you to ENJOY your English language learning journey…with CONFIDENCE!

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Happy English Learners

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Have a fantastic week!   
…and START( or KEEP) Rolling your English! 😊

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Lindri and the Roll your English Team 🙂 

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