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Today we will talk about ANXIETY… ENGLISH anxiety…

Do you feel anxious or are you too shy/ ashamed (tener verguenza) to SPEAK ENGLISH?

Learning English can be challenging (desafiante) , and we have seen that there are several traps (trampas) that English learners fall into that can hinder (impedir) their progress.

Here are some common English learning traps to be aware of (ser conciente de):
Too shy to speak English?
  1. Trying to learn too much too fast: Learning English takes time and effort – depending on HOW much exposure you have to the English language.
    Burnout (agotamiento) and frustration happen when you try to learn TOO much, TOO fast. It’s important to set achievable (alcanzables ) goals and focus on making steady progress (progreso estable).

  2. Focusing too much on grammar: While grammar is important, focusing too much on grammar rules can be counterproductive. It’s important to strike a balance (encontrar un equilibrio) between learning grammar, listening and speaking.

  3. Not practicing enough: Becoming fluent in English needs consistent practice. If you do not practice enough you will forget new vocabulary, expressions etc. and so slower your progress. It’s important to set aside time (reservar tiempo) each day to CONNECT to English!

  4. Being afraid to make mistakes (fallos): Making mistakes is a natural part of English learning. Being afraid to make mistakes can prevent you from practicing and improving your English skills. It’s important to embrace mistakes (aceptar los errores) as opportunities to learn and improve.

  5. Not immersing yourself in English: Immersing yourself in English through reading, listening to music, watching movies, and speaking with others can greatly improve your English skills. Not immersing yourself in English can slow down (retardar) your progress.
  6. Comparing yourself to others: Your English learning journey is a very is a personal one,  and progress can vary from (variar de) person to person. Comparing yourself to others can lead to feelings of inadequacy (insuficiencia) and hinder (impeder) your progress. It’s important to focus on your own English progress!


🤓By being aware of (siendo conciente de) these common English learning traps, you can avoid them and make steady progress in your English learning journey.

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