Hello there! And welcome to our first Roll your English Volg. This VLOG is intended to help learners like you learn real, relevant and meaningful English through our short but very helpful YouTube videos filled with English tips. These English tips will teach you ways that can improve your English speaking skills.

We will also be launching an online English course… so stay tuned for more exciting developments! 

But for now, let’s talk about…

Positioning the right English PREPOSITION!

6 Common English Preposition Mistakes and how to FIX them!

This week’s VLOG is all about 6 Common English Preposition mistakes and how to fix them! English prepositions can be tricky (difficult) so one needs to consistently listen and engage with the language…

Please note the following mistakes and watch the video for MORE examples! 

  1. Think ABOUT or OF                          NOT           think IN 
  2. Explain TO me                                   NOT           explain me 
  3. Listen TO me                                     NOT           listen me 
  4. ON the phone/computer                  NOT           in the phone/computer 
  5. I go BY bus, train                               NOT           IN bus, train or car. 
  6. I’m married TO a Spaniard              NOT           I am married WITH…

I hope this helps…a lot! Stay tuned for our next English Vlog and keep improving your English skills 😉

Have a wonderful day. 
And keep Rolling your English!

Lindri 🙂