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How has your week been so far? Mine…cold and grey – winter is here!! 😉 

Just a reminder that our weekly Vlog is all about you! It is to help English learners like you learn real, relevant and meaningful English.

So in this week’s Roll your English VLOG, we look at the common mistake of using the word ENOUGH…
What is that mistake and HOW can you fix it? 

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Which one is correct and WHY? 
“I have time enough OR I have enough time?”

If you use enough with a NOUN, the word enough has to come BEFORE the noun: 
Enough + noun 
Enough time 
Enough money 
Enough energy 

And in this case:
“I am strong enough OR I am enough strong?” 

If you use enough with an ADJECTIVE, the word enough has to come AFTER the adjective: 
Adjective + enough 
Tall enough 
Intelligent enough 
Big enough  
Fast enough 

An extremely common mistake…with a very simple explanation! 
I hope I have explained this WELL ENOUGH and you have had ENOUGH TIME  to read until here! 😉 

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And keep Rolling your English!

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